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Making Decisions With Harcourts Vision

Making Decisions With Harcourts Vision

What to expect when you meet with your Harcourts Vision consultant

With your permission, when we meet, I would like to:
  • Tour your property to enable me to take detailed notes.
  • Interview you to discuss your needs and determine how I can help.
  • Answer questions you may have about Harcourts, me personally, the service I will provide and any other real estate matters.
  • Provide you with accurate market research and discuss a suitable marketing programme of how your property could be marketed for sale.  This schedule is flexible and I will welcome your input to suit your needs.
It is important that all decision-makers involved in the sale of your property are available when we meet.


We've got the contacts that count


Harcourts International Ltd is the largest real estate group in New Zealand and the fastest growing real estate group in Australasia, exceeding $32.4 billion NZD ($30 billion AUD) in sold property last year.

The Harcourts Group includes:

  • Over 830 offices in 10 countries (392 in Australia)
  • Over 6,400 sales consultants globally (1,477 in Australia)

All of these offices and sales consultants are capable of accessing your property details to send qualified buyers your way.

Harcourts makes certain your property is seen by one and all. We accomplish this with a referral network that's second to none. The advanced Harcourts One system allows this process to happen immediately. This means that your property is quickly seen by a large number of poeple around the globe.

It's this world of contacts that provides such a boost to your options at sales time.



Why choose Harcourts?


1. Harcourts has ‘hand-picked’ its Sales Consultants for their dedication, work ethic and expertise.

2. Harcourts has the most experienced team of auctioneers available, including Harry Li, the No. 1 Australasian Auctioneer of 2015.

3. Our sales team is trained to orchestrate a vibrant, energetic and active auction day. They work the crowd and assist with their bidding participation.

4. We have buyers nationally and internationally. This ensures we introduce the broadest price range to your home.

5. Our ‘hands on’ Director, Basil Zoccali, provides quality control in the sales process. 

6. Prominent state of the art offices with the latest visual display screens to attract more attention to your home.

7. Weekly ongoing personal development and training in negotiations, marketing, legislation, technology and customer service practices for team members.

8. Superior negotiations policy for outstanding price outcomes

9. Advanced buyer management strategies to manage buyer expectations on price and generate sales contracts..

10. Harcourts guarantees to keep you constantly informed of the progress of the sale of your home with regular phone calls, email communication, detailed reports and meetings.

For further information  please feel free to contact us on 03 9331 1180


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