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QR Codes

Harcourts QR Codes Harcourts.mobi

QR stands for Quick Response. Using a QR Code scanning app and the internet on your mobile device you are able to scan the QR Code and it will direct you to a property page that is specifically formatted for a mobile device. Here you will find information about the property such as: videos, photos, ad text, floor plans, maps and agent contact information. You are also able to share this link via sms, email via social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin etc...). Harcourts are using QR Codes on signboards and other printed marketing material to make property details more accessible for buyers.

For more information on QR Codes and to see how Harcourts are using them please watch this short video:

For more information on how to download and use the QR Code scanning app please watch this video:

Think you're ready to start scanning QR Codes? Try scanning this QR Code to see a Harcourts mobile property page:
Harcourts QR Code to Mobile Property Page Example